About EVF Conference Series

The EVF Series « Energy and City of the Future » EVF’ was created by ECAM-EPMI (Cergy-Pontoise, France), University of Lorraine (France) and Queens University (Canada).

EVF conferences aim to bring together academic researchers, industrial, scientists and city political actors to exchange their experiences and research results about all aspects (historical, societal, environmental, conceptual, methodological, practices ...) dealing with the Energy and the City of the Future. The previous editions were organized in Cergy-Pontoise France (2014); Tetouan Morrocco (2015); Queens Canada (2016); Longwy France (2017); Fès Morrocco (2018); Pune India (2019), Remote (2020), Cergy-Pontoise France (2021).

The 8 former editions of EVF Conference are as follow:

The 9th Edition of EVF
About the 9th Edition

EVF’2022 – 9th International Conference on Energy and City of the Future will take place at El Jadida (Morocco) and simultaneously online, November 14-15, 2022.

Conference organization

List of Topics

Topics of interest and themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

City and buildings of the future :Smart city, Green city, Sustainable city, Net building, Positive energy building, Building 4.0, Advanced materials and technologies, ...
Energy and management:Renewable energy, energetic mix, smart grids, innovative materials, Energy production and storage, optimization and management, Advanced charging technologies, ...
Transport and mobility:Electric mobility, shared transport, car-pooling, car-sharing, shared parking, transport regulation, smart logistic, reverse logistic, multimodal logistics, ...
Factoriesof the FutureIndustry 4.0, Robotics & Mechatronics in Manufacturing, Digital Technologies & Networked Factories, Data Security, Liability & Integrity, Smart Manufacturing, IoT’sm, High-Performance Computing & Simulation,
Waste management:Waste valorization, Waste to energy, Recycling processes, Treatment processes, Waste sorting, Waste collection routing problems, Policies and strategies, Advanced technologies …
e-Healthe-care; eHealth Technologies, mobile health; telehealth; telemedicine; engineering in medicine, healthcare, social robotics, …
Cultural InfrastructureCultural and historical heritage in the smart city, Art in the smart city, touristic development, Heritage restoration, restoration technologies, …
Plenary Conferences



How could one not have the city of tomorrow in one's mind and in particular in this period which has faced several singular episodes.

IPCC reports are bringing more and more new elements about the urgency of the climate situation which has become perceptible beyond scientific experience and its fine and evolving sensors. Animals with their sensitive sensors have already perceived certain changes in advance of mankind. Man is able today to perceive abnormal changes in a reduced life cycle, which underlines how close the danger has become.

The other element being the pandemic which has affected the whole planet and is forcing ordinary citizens to think about the future of the Life “VIE” and the City “VILLE”. Reversed migrations from the city to the countryside, for example, have been observed following the progressive and repetitive confinements in different countries.

In this context, the topic of the City of the future, already topical, has been legitimized by decision-makers as well as by modern-day thinkers. Previous editions have also allowed a serious scientific foundation in both French-speaking (France, Morocco editions) and English-speaking (Canada, India editions) countries

M. EL GANAOUI (University of Lorraine, France), J.-M. NUNZI (Queens University, Canada), I. EL ABBASSI and R. ABSI (ECAM-EPMI, Cergy-Pontoise, France).